Power Washing Service:

If you are looking to restore your siding, deck, and driveway to their original glory, you would be hard-pressed to find a more economical solution than power washing. By power washing your deck, siding, driveway, and other exterior areas around your home, you can quickly and effectively remove built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris! It not only helps the areas look beautiful but can also reduce wear and tear by getting rid of mold, algae, chalk, insects, weeds, and more. Such build-up will break down over time and damage wood/masonry and degrade paint/stains.

Service Features

Our professionals can clean much more than your home’s exterior.
Other benefits to pressure washing:

  • It can clean and brighten fences, play equipment, and more.
  • It can make your home more sanitary for children.
  • It can remove plants growing where they shouldn’t.
  • It can remove stains from your drive and walkways.
  • It can prepare an area for a painting or staining project.


  • Power Wash – When done regularly by professionals, power washing cleans, protects, and beautifies your home’s surfaces. Depending on the surface, high pressure (about 3500-4000 PSI) or lower pressure may be used.
  • Pressure wash – While some homeowners may need to pressure wash every few months, a good rule of thumb to follow is to clean the exterior thoroughly at least once every year, with additional cleanings added as circumstances warrant them.
  • Old Paint Removal – High pressure can also be used to remove old paint, leaving the surface ready for primer.

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